Texas High School Shooting: Student Arrested for Capital Murder!

Texas High School Shooting

A Texas High School shooting that occurred Monday morning at Lamar High School in Arlington has left one student dead and another injured. Monday morning was the first day back to classes after spring break.

The shooter, who is a male student, was arrested and charged with capital murder. The suspected shooter’s identity is being kept anonymous by the police chief as he is a minor, but the chief confirmed that the minor is currently detained in a juvenile detention center in the vicinity.

high school shooting
The high school shooting began on a campus in the suburb of Arlington around 6:55 a.m., before many students arrived for the first day back to classes after spring break. (Photo: CBS News)

According to The Mining Journal, the injured victim, a female student, is receiving medical care after being grazed by shrapnel, according to Arlington police Chief Al Jones.

The police officers who are normally stationed at the school were not present during the High School shooting, as they were scheduled to begin duty shortly after the incident began. The motive behind the shooting and how the shooter obtained the gun remain unclear.

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Following the High School shooting, the school went into lockdown, and arriving students were diverted from the campus. The police completed their search of the school at 10:40 a.m. School staff began reuniting students who had been sheltering inside the building with their parents or guardians around 11 a.m.

Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos announced that there would be no classes on Tuesday and counselors would be available to students and staff on Wednesday.

In Texas, capital murder is punishable by death, and prosecutors decide the charges to pursue in a case, which may not always be the same as the charges brought upon arrest.

The High School shooting at Lamar is the latest in a series of school shootings that have occurred across the United States in recent years. These incidents have sparked debates about gun control and school safety, with many advocating for stricter gun laws and increased security measures in schools.

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