Man Flirts Before Robbing His Victim Texas Gas Station

India Simon, 20, was approached by a man who entered a petrol station in the 900 block of Langwick on Dec. 24 and tried to flirt with her before demanding her handbag. Houston police are looking for the man and are asking anyone who sees him to call 911.

Simon feels grateful that the suspect spared her life and took her purse. Simon claimed that the suspect called her ‘cute,’ but she replied that she was not interested and then left the store, returning to her car at the gas station. The suspect is shown on camera parking close to her and coming back toward her after she told him to go.

Simon repeatedly rejected him by claiming to have a boyfriend after asking for her phone number. She noticed something was off as the suspect drew nearer to her while she pumped gas. As she attempted to get into her car, she stopped pumping gas. The suspect, nonetheless, was preventing her from entering her vehicle, a source posted.

The suspect then demanded Simon’s purse while keeping his hand in his pocket, giving Simon the impression that he was armed. Surveillance footage reveals that the suspect took Simon’s bag before getting back into the driver’s seat of a white Toyota Camry and driving away.

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Rejections Turn Into Crime

The victim claimed that she would die due to the man’s expression. But according to sources, it is not the first time a crime occurred after a woman refused a man.

In 2016, a 19-year-old woman was assaulted after she turned down a man’s advances. The man had asked the woman for a date, but she had declined. He then punched the woman three times in the face and whacked her on the nose with a bottle.

The rejection led to murder after 18-year-old woman, Lily Sullivan rejected 31-year-old Lewis Haines . Following his rejection of  Haines’ sexual advances, Sullivan was brutally killed.  Haines allegedly admitted to throwing the teenager’s body in a nearby pond after telling his mother and girlfriend what had happened.

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