Former White House Doctor Says Joe Biden is the ‘Cancer’ That’s Need to be ‘Removed’ After Lession Removal

After it was revealed that Joe Biden had a malignant tumor removed from his chest at a February physical, Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former head of the White House medical staff, referred to the president as cancer on Sunday.

A malignant lesion was removed from the president’s test in February, according to Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s physician, who also revealed on Friday that the president is recovering well and is not in danger.

According to the memo, a biopsy of the legion revealed that it contained basal cell carcinoma, a typical and non-aggressive form of skin cancer. Doctors utilized electric current and scraping to remove President Biden’s tissue.

Dr. O’Connor concluded that Mr. Biden was “fit to successfully execute the duties of the President” during the president’s physical examination last month at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

As a White House physician who worked under both the Trump and Obama administrations, Jackson was probably in constant touch with President Biden.

Yet, Jackson has consistently criticized Biden and questioned his physical and mental competence for office since being elected as a Republican congressman for Texas in 2020. Jackson has even frequently demanded that Biden undergo mental testing.

According to the doctor’s autobiography, ‘Holding the Line,’ Jackson allegedly received a vengeful email from Barack Obama as a result of the attacks. The former president claimed in his letter that he frequently praised the Texas doctor, describing him as a fine doctor and service member but also a friend.

After charges of workplace misconduct were made, Jackson withdrew his name from candidacy to head the Veterans Affairs administration.

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Joe Biden Challenged to Take Cognitive Test

Based on 78 witness interviews, White House records, and a report from the Department of Defense inspector general, it was determined that during his tenure as president, Jackson insulted workers, made lewd remarks about a female colleague, and broke the rules about drinking on official travels.

“I’m happy with the work atmosphere I fostered under three different Presidents of both parties,” Jackson remarked of his work environment.

Basal cell carcinomas do not tend to ‘spread’ or metastasis,’ as more dangerous cancers do, O’Connor made a point of stating. He determined that Biden didn’t require any additional care. The president has already had malignant tumors removed.

Jackson has often urged Biden to submit to a cognitive test to gauge his level of mental acuity. He claimed in 2020 that he was convinced that he does not have the mental capability, the cognitive ability to serve as our commander in chief and leader of state after listening to Biden’s talks.

Although he stated in a recent interview that concerns about his age were absolutely genuine, Biden has responded to prior criticism of his age and mental capacity by warning the public to keep an eye on his behavior as president.

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