California’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Program Offers $500 Monthly Payments: See If You Qualify!

California’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Program

Needy families in Sacramento, California, can now apply for a guaranteed income pilot program, which offers $500 in monthly payments for a year to eligible recipients.

Guaranteed Income Pilot Program
The Guaranteed Income Pilot Program was launched with the support of Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who recommended using $750,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act funds to support the initiative. (Photo: The Sacramento Bee)

According to a published article in the US Sun, the first phase of the program provided 100 Sacramento households with $300 in monthly support, and the second phase will offer $500 monthly payments to 80 families.

Who qualifies for California’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Program?

To qualify for the program, residency in Sacramento is a must.

Applicants can use the city’s online tool for representatives to check if their address is eligible. If the tool indicates a City Council member, it means the residency requirement is met.

Additionally, eligibility is determined based on family size and income, with single adults required to earn less than $28,205. The income requirements vary for different household sizes, with larger households needing to earn less to be eligible.

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The income requirements for eligibility vary depending on family size:

  • for households with one adult and one child, the income limit is $49,945
  • for one adult and two children, the limit is $65,880
  • for one adult and three children, the limit is $79,500
  • for households with two adults, the limit is $43,201
  • for two adults and two children, the limit is $64,273.
  • for a household of five, the limit is $93,120
  • for a household of six, the limit is $106,740,
  • for a household of six, the limit is $120,360
  • for a household of eight, the limit is $133,980

For each additional person in the household, the income limit increases by $14,160.

Applicants can apply online until April 15 at 2:59 am. According to United Way, the first batch of payments to the new group is prepared to go out on July 1.

The guaranteed income pilot program aims to alleviate financial burdens for families struggling to make ends meet, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It recognizes that poverty and income inequality are critical issues that require immediate attention and innovative solutions.

Overall, the guaranteed income pilot program in Sacramento provides hope and a lifeline to families facing financial hardship. It is a testament to the power of collective action in creating positive change and a reminder of the urgent need for more initiatives that address poverty and inequality.

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