Biden Stays Silent on Trump’s Indictment: A Tactical Move or a Political Risk?

President Donald Trump‘s indictment has created a buzz in the political arena, yet President Joe Biden has stayed silent on the matter.

Joe Biden is silent about Trump's indictment
Biden’s approach to Trump’s indictment appears to be to avoid getting caught up in the legal case surrounding his past and potentially future rival. (Photo: Andrew Harnik)

Biden Administration Takes Low-Key Approach to Trump’s Indictment

The Biden administration has not released any statements regarding former President Donald Trump’s indictment. According to Business Insider, while President Joe Biden may be tempted to celebrate this event, there are various reasons why Democrats hope Biden will take a low-key approach to this situation. Doing so could be seen as attempting to influence the attorney general.

It could also backfire, politically speaking, and lead to Biden’s critics trying to make more noise about his legal inquiry. Furthermore, speaking out could feed Trump’s narrative that the investigations are a backhanded attempt to undermine his presidential bid. If Biden interferes in the legal system or uses it for political purposes against a former and potential future rival, he could be viewed as interfering with the rule of law, which could harm his reputation.

Opening on prosecution can interfere with it, and it could also play into Trump’s bogus victim routine. Biden needs to stay focused on what everyday people are experiencing and avoid any rhetoric that could prejudice the case against Trump.

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Biden’s Silence on Trump’s Indictment: A Tactical Move

Biden’s silence on Trump’s indictment could also be seen as a tactical move. Trump is a heavy favorite to be the Republican nominee in 2024, and Democrats want to face him in the general election. Amplifying Trump’s indictment could allow him to claim that he is being targeted by his political opponents. According to NBC News, polls suggest that Trump’s favorability ratings barely budge, no matter the provocation. An indictment would unlikely change anyone’s opinion of him.

Instead of focusing on Trump’s indictment, Biden is focusing on economic issues. He aims to bolster his budget proposals and criticize those of conservative Republicans who he says are endangering Social Security and Medicare. The White House is also monitoring potential protests that might arise from the indictment.

Overall, Biden’s approach of keeping silent on the issue appears to be the most prudent course of action. Democrats hope that Biden will take a low-key approach to the Trump indictment and not make any comments that could harm his reputation or interfere with the legal process. Biden’s focus should remain on being President and working for the people, letting the criminal justice system take its course.

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