Republicans Showed Their True Colours And It Was Unpleasant

Stranger Than The Strangest

Usually as most State of the Union speeches take place, this one was more or less the same and was noted down for its content as well as how theatrical it came off as. It started out with a CNN report that showed how Mitt Romney went up to George Santos and told him that he doesn’t belong there. It ended with Marjorie Taylor Greene heckling while dressed as Cruella de Vil.


But let’s rewind. Al Weaver, a reporter at The Hill who covers the Senate, had apparently asked Romney to confirm whether or not he had called Santos “an embarrassment” and he got the reply: “I don’t know the exact words I said. He shouldn’t have been there. Look, he’s a sick puppy. He shouldn’t have been there.”

Romney clearly hadn’t gotten the memorandum that you shouldn’t mention sick puppies around George Santos (for anyone who hasn’t been following the latest on Congress’s most fascinating liar, one of the many, many accusations that was made against Santos included one horrifying incident that he stole $3,000 from a GoFundMe intended for a veteran’s sick dog. Then again, Santos has never admitted to those allegations — whereas Romney himself once readily admitted to strapping the family dog to the luggage compartment of his car before driving six hours down the highway which is as gruesome as it can get.)

My Way Or The Highway

However, it’s not even the most shameful of acts he did this evening. Santos brought a 9/11 firefighter as his guests to the SOTU, plausibly in an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation. Sadly enough it had just the opposite effect, and reminded everybody that Romney’s “sick puppy” kept claiming his mother died in 9/11 on the campaign trail, before journalists started digging through residency records and seemingly found out that his mother actually died from cancer 15 years after 9/11, in Brazil, having not lived in the US since the nineties, to even begin with.

The GOP only recently just retook the house. They’re projected to take the Senate after the next election as well with the same intensity. Things are looking as bright as ever. Nonetheless, at the very same time, Donald Trump, the favorite to win the Republican nomination for 2024 — spent the day of the State of the Union planning, plotting and devising a hopeless new attack against Ron Desantis. And if you thought things couldn’t have gotten any more dramatic, Taylor Greene turned up dressed in a fur coat, having spent the last few hours gallivanting around Congress with a white balloon.

With all said and down, President Joe Biden still tried to kill them with kindness. He even gave Mitch McConnell quite a massive thumbs up in his opening words. Everyone knows that Joe and Mitch are friends, when they’re not performing for the cameras. But in front of the cameras, they have to do this routine: Joe tries to bring him round, and Mitch acts like his possessive and protective father who always has his guards around him. “Where are ya, Mitch?” said Biden, and everybody stood to applaud Mitch’s long record of service in Congress, and Mitch, cold as ice, stayed right in his seat, weirder than ever.