Proposed Michigan Tax Changes Could Provide Relief to Taxpayers

Michigan Democrats are proposing tax changes that could benefit low to moderate-income families, seniors, and taxpayers.

Michigan Democrats advocate for policies that align with the values and principles of the Democratic Party, such as expanding access to healthcare, promoting education, supporting workers’ rights, protecting the environment, and advancing social justice.

Their focus is on putting Michigan issues first, fighting for families, seniors, students, and veterans, and working to elect Democrats across the state, while holding Republicans accountable across the board. (Photo:

One of the proposed changes is an increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which gives more money back through taxes to low to moderate earners. The proposed legislation would increase the credit in Michigan from 6% to 30%, potentially benefiting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers.

Another proposed change is the repeal of the retirement tax, which was implemented in 2011 and is a 4.25% tax on pensions. The retirement tax could be phased out under the new plan, providing relief to seniors who may have felt the pinch of the tax in previous years.

Lastly, a one-time $180 “inflation check” would be issued to each income tax filing, with couples filing together receiving one check instead of two. The proposed changes, if approved by the Legislature, could provide significant financial relief to many Michiganders.

There are tax policies that benefit low to moderate-income families, seniors, and taxpayers. Such policies may include expanding tax credits, increasing standard deductions, reducing tax rates, and providing targeted relief to specific groups. It’s important to note that any changes to tax laws must be approved by the legislature and may undergo revisions before being enacted.

Overall, these proposed tax changes could have a positive impact on low to moderate-income families, seniors, and taxpayers in Michigan. However, the proposed legislation still needs to be approved by the Legislature, where Democrats hold a slim majority. Nonetheless, these changes are a step in the right direction toward greater financial security for Michiganders.

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