FTX Sends Discreet Letters To Politicians And Tells Them To Pay Back $93M In Donations

FTX And Letters

During a press release on Sunday, the servicemen and caretakers of the bankrupt FTX estate proclaimed that they were meticulously sending rather discreet and confidential messages to the politicians, action funds as well as the other recipients of all the contributions that were made by the exchange and its former leadership as well, including the very founder Sam Bankman-Fried, in order to request the return of the payment. Before it all collapsed down, FTX was quite a seeming source of political donations, both from the company itself and its hoard of executives. In a document that was released back in mid-January by the FTX estate, lawyers had estimated that the organization and its staff had apparently spent $93 million on varied contributions, which are now under review.

Partly the reason for this company’s success is because of its prodigious lobbying efforts back in Washington, which took the form of both donations as well as innumerable visits to the Capitol by Bankman-Fried. Reportedly, one in three members of Congress received donations from FTX executives, with Bankman-Fried, very much so donating at least $40 million since 2021. Even though he gave most of that much money to the Democrats to even begin with, Bankman-Fried had confessed to have donated an amount equal to Republicans in the form of “dark money” so that the reporters can’t trace back the transactions to him and freak out, as he had quoted in a podcast.

Straw Donors

During this FTX’s collapse, plenty of politicians who had received donations from the company and it’s employee had tried to distance themselves from FTX. As part of the process of bankruptcy, there has been a lot of speculation around this by the experts that the estate would now claw back the funds or require anyone who had received money from the FTX, either in the form of political donations or even venture funding, in order to send the funds back to be distributed among the estate’s creditors. Complicating this matter even more, it is unclear exactly who fell into the FTX orbit. Sam Bankman-Fried’s brother Gabriel, for instance, was also a fundamental donator, as were other people connected with the founder.

As a result, there have been charges that Bankman-Fried used “ straw donors ,” or an illegal form of campaign contributions in which someone funnels out donations through other parties. The letter had given an email address that potential recipients could therefore begin the process of returning the funds and majorly noted that caretakers of the FTX estate would utterly hold the right to commence court procedures to require the return of payments if recipients did not comply. Politicians are still trying to figure out and open the scandal one layer after another,  especially as Washington starts the entire congressional session with a separate  crypto regulation at the top of the agenda. With Bankman-Fried serving in the past as one of the main advocates for a promising bill out of the Senate Agriculture Committee , the crypto industry now clearly appears to lack a champion of equal influence following his arrest.