New Child Tax Credit 2023: $1,500 Could Be Sent to Families in New York

New York state lawmakers are reintroducing new child tax credit 2023 to send an amount of $1,500 to families every three months.

New Child Tax Credit
New Child Tax Credit reintroduced in New York. (Photo: MARCA)

New Child Tax Credit 2023 in New York

The federally funded child tax credit in the country has helped millions of families in the country to get out of poverty but this program has expired in 2021. Following these, some states provided new child tax credit 2023 to their residents.

In a published article in PIXII, New York state lawmakers reintroduce a bill that will send new child tax credit 2023 for all families worth $1,500 every three months permanently. Councilmember Alexa Aviles introduced the resolution and she was joined by Sen. Andrew Gounardes, who sponsored the bill in the state Senate.

Gounardes wrote on his social media account, “The expanded federal tax credit was a huge boost for millions of families, but Congress failed to renew it. NYS can step in & fill the gap by passing my Working Families Tax Credit – $1500 per child prepaid 4x yearly to give families a needed safety net to buy their necessities.”

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Provisions Under the New Child Tax Credit 2023

Gounardes explained, “We want to undo all those wrongs. We want to fix all those mistakes. And we want to use this as an opportunity to step in where Congress and the federal government has failed to act,” He said this because New York was one of the first states that created a state child tax credit but it excluded a chunk of people.

According to a published article in Gothamist, the bill proposes the following:

  • Consolidate the Empire State Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit into one tax credit and raise the benefits.
  • Expand the tax credit to include families with children ages 3 and younger, who are currently excluded from receiving any benefits.
  • Make all families eligible for benefits, regardless of immigration status.

Furthermore, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy cited that ten states have already enacted the same state child tax credit to boost the incomes of poor families.

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