Nevada’s Stabbing Suspect Undisclosed House Arrest Raises Safety Concerns, Police Admit No Knowledge

A 22-year-old woman accused of stabbing her date in a Las Vegas area was on house arrest in Texas pursuing a music career. However, Texas police claimed they were never made aware of her house arrest, which has raised concerns for the safety of the community and the university she attends.

Nika Nikoubin, the stabbing suspect accused of stabbing her date in a Las Vegas-area hotel room. (Photo: KWCH)

According to a news release, Nika Nikoubin, a University of Texas at Dallas student, was indicted on charges of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon and two counts of battery by a Clark County grand jury. The incident took place on March 5, 2022, at Sunset Station, where Nikoubin and the male victim met through the dating website Plenty of Fish.

While in the hotel room, Nikoubin put a blindfold on the victim, turned off the lights, and stabbed him in the neck several seconds later. According to the statement, Nikoubin expressed her desire to seek revenge for the drone attack that resulted in the death of Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian military commander, in the year 2020.

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According to a news release, during a hearing, a police representative for the Texas university claimed that no department in the region knew Nikoubin was on house arrest, which sparked concerns for the safety of the campus and the community. The court was also informed that Nikoubin was a danger to the community, and a judge allowed her to await trial in Texas with stipulations, including a 6 p.m. curfew, excluding work and education. However, it appeared that the Dallas-based agency monitoring Nikoubin was only tracking her location and not checking to see if she potentially violated her curfew or other provisions.

Nikoubin’s attorneys have filed paperwork to get her attempted murder charge dropped, stating that she did not wish to kill the victim but only wanted to hurt him. The trial was scheduled for July, and the hearing on the house arrest issue was continued until Wednesday. The incident highlights the need for proper communication between different law enforcement agencies, especially in cases that involve potential danger to the community.

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