‘Teacher of the Year’ – Wendy Duan Shot Dead in Her Backyard Over a Suspected Domestic Incident

28-year-old Boone Elementary School teacher in Houston Texas named Wendy Duan was found lifeless in her backyard at Sugar Land residence.

Police found her remains on Saturday, January 7, 2023, before 10 pm. Neighbors reportedly heard gunshots, which is when authorities were called to the scene. Duan lived alone at the house and no one else was there when the police arrived.

According to the investigation, detectives believe the shooting was associated with domestic violence. A male suspect has been identified but his identity is not being shared at this time to protect the integrity of the investigation.

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Wendy was named the ‘Teacher of the Year’ in 2021 at Elementary School in Houston, Texas. She was a third-grade reading and language arts teacher at the said institution.

“We are deeply saddened to learn about the tragic passing of Alief ISD employee Wendy Duan,” the school district expresses its prayers and sympathies to the family.

Wendy would usually use her social media platforms to share enthusiasm for her job

Wendy Duan posted on Facebook to express her sentiments when she became the ‘Teacher of the Year’ in December 2021. She wrote:

“I still can’t believe that I won ESL teacher of the year lol. The whole time I kept telling people that there was no way that I would win, especially going against other teachers who have been teaching way longer than I have. Thanks to the people who believed in me, and voted for me!”

The School District stated that Wendy had been employed at the school since 2017. Emergency counseling teams have been designated at Boone Elementary School to assist staff and students deal with Wendy Duan’s tragic death.

As mentioned earlier, authorities have not yet disclosed many details about the tragic death of Wendy Duan. The case is still under investigation.

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