Marco Rubio Firmly Claims That Chinese Spy Balloon Is Smartly Calling Joe Biden’s Bluff

Truth Or Lies

China believes that America is a pretty weakened superpower. This comes out right after a Chinese reconnaissance balloon floats eastward across the United States, and to this, a Florida Senator suggests that Washington’s inaction has now massive geopolitical consequences. Senator Marco Rubio now took to Twitter on Saturday morning in order to express his concerns regarding what the hostile nation’s spy device could possibly mean for President Joe Biden and the national security therein.

He went on to say that China wholeheartedly believes that America is a weakened superpower with a gruesome reputation of strength that no longer holds true to be fair and upfront. This was tweeted by him just recently. He went on to say that their message will now be that if Biden wouldn’t even shoot down a balloon, then he isn’t going to do jack at all if China takes territory from India or Japan or invades Taiwan, to begin with. Many of the supporters did join in on this prophecy of sorts and are now just as scared as himself.

China has been reported saying that this balloon apparently floated into American airspace by sheer mistake of the radar and that it’s just collecting weather data, if anything. However, this theory has been rejected by the Biden administration. It has come up that the Pentagon has expressed concerns about the device lingering over Montana, and the balloon flap has led Secretary of State Antony Blinken to postpone a trip to Beijing as well. Looks like the matter is getting out of hand.

Strategic Competition

Even after officials qualms as such were made, Rubio is still concerned that this matter might be escalating as the spy spheroid makes its way toward the Atlantic Ocean, quite clearly crossing the Florida peninsula to get over there in a few days, if not more. The Republican Senator, during his appearance on the Mike Gallagher’s Show last Friday, had unabashedly said that this controversial spy balloon is timed to test the United States in yet another salvo in an ongoing spat between the two great powers.

Sailors assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group 2 recover a suspected Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon that was downed by the United States over the weekend over U.S. territorial waters off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S., February 5, 2023. U.S. Fleet Forces/U.S. Navy photo/Handout via REUTERS

He said that this, in no way, is coincidental that something of this sort is happening right about now before Blinken was supposed to visit Beijing. They do these things, he said, in order to humiliate the opponent, project their strength and send an awfully strong message. He says he doesn’t believe that this was coincidental. He assures that the trajectory of Blinken’s visit and is related and consists of high-value targets.

He accused the Chinese and said these things know where they are going because they are controlled by a very intelligent team. But they are intentionally letting it fly over the tourist destinations for example the northwest, Montana, and so on and so forth where they have the ICBM fields. He believes that the rest of the century will be now defined by this relationship between the U.S. and China and their strategic competition. “We need to readjust everything we do in this country to that reality,” Rubio contended.