“Died Suddenly” Posts Turn Around Tragedies To Push Vaccine Lies Altogether

Sudden Or Not So Sudden

A 6 yer old Anastasia Weaver’s death autopsy may take quite a few weeks to come but that hasn’t stopped online anti-COVID-19 vaccine activists to take a run on her. A few hours after the meek kid’s funeral, all these protestors started blaming the vaccine for her untimely and painful death. A Facebook user even messaged her mother, Jessica Day-Weaver, and called her a “murderer” for having her child vaccinated.

Apparently, the child who actually belonged from Ohio had a series of lifelong problems when it came to her health and the vaccine was in no way the cause of her demise. She has gone through a multitude of problems ranging from epilepsy, asthma, and respiration issues. The doctors hadn’t given them any information as such other than the fact that it was her chronic conditions that had led her to be so miserable.

Nonetheless, these facts were useless online because online activists were growing in number adding up to tens of hundreds of people who had blamed celebrities, young kids, and athletes’ deaths on the COVID-19 shots given to them. They are now using the hashtag “#diedsuddenly”. Extensive online conspiracy theorists have flooded social media with news reports as well as GoFundMe pages in the last few months, leaving the families of the departed to struggle with these lies.

The usage of this hashtag has now urged more than 740% in tweets about vaccines over the past two months as compared with the two previous months, the media intelligence firm Zignal Labs found in an analysis conducted for The Associated Press. In November 2022, there had started a new documentary with the same name and that’s what began the misuse of this word ever since.

People Believe Just About Anything

People are just taking something that is a routine and regular way of describing something and assigning a hashtag to it while putting forth all the incidents in one place. The campaign has caused tremendous harm and that’s beyond the internet. Intensive study and research have collected a world view of evidence that shows that the COVID-19 vaccine is nothing but beneficial and useful.

Deaths that are caused by vaccination are utterly rare. In fact, if you don’t get vaccinated, there’s a higher risk of getting an infection and dying. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from falsifying innumerable stories about vaccines.

The documentary film named “Died Suddenly” features a wide number of headlines that are found on Google in order to falsely suggest that sudden deaths had never happened until now. This film has now garnered more than 20 million views on an alternative video-sharing platform as well as Twitter account posts.

An AP review of more than 100 tweets from the account in December and January has now figured out that claims about the cases being vaccine-related were largely unfounded and made up and, in some cases, they were even contradicted by public information. Some of the people featured in it had actually died of genetic disorders, drug overdoses, flu complications, so on and so forth.