Receive your $800 now from South Carolina Department of Revenue

The South Carolina Department of Revenue has completed the first batch of refund payments to qualifying taxpayers. Those who submitted a 2021 SC Individual Income Tax return (SC 1040) by October 17 received rebates. Rebates were sent in the form of direct deposits or paper checks. For returns submitted by February 15, 2023, a second wave of refunds will be given in March 2023 (DOR, 2022).

If you filed by October 17 and haven’t yet received a rebate, be sure you had a tax liability. Your SSN or ITIN, as well as your line 10 from your 2021 SC Individual Income Tax Return are required (SC1040).

If you notified us about a change in banking information by November 1st, paper checks were sent. Your 2021 refund was sent directly to your prepaid or pay-as-you-go debit card. If you have an outstanding money balance and then didn’t get a refund, it means that your rebate was reissued as a paper check.

The rebate amount is determined by an individual’s tax liability in 2021.If your tax liability exceeds or equals the $800 maximum, you will receive an $800 rebate.It also applies to rebates that might be provided in March 2023.

Look at your 2021 South Carolina Individual Income Tax return (SC1040) and check if you have an amount on line 10 greater than $1. If you do not, you have no tax liability and are not entitled to a rebate. A few taxpayers may likely to receive less than the amount calculated.