Get your $600 tax rebates when you apply now

Idaho residents who lived in the Gem State for a year will receive up to $600 in tax rebates. The rebates can be as little as $300 or as much as 10% of a taxpayer’s 2020 income taxes, whichever option is greater. However, the deadline is one day away, so you have to apply as soon as today.

Idaho is giving this rebate to anyone who has been a resident of the state for the full years of 2020 and 2021. The state defines a full-year resident as someone who has kept a home in Idaho for an entire year. The tax commission anticipates sending around 800,000 refunds by March of that year, for a total of approximately $500 million.

Idaho’s residents who lived in the state through 2020 and 2021 and filed an income tax return, or Form 24, in that period are eligible for this rebate. An individual is classified as a full-year resident after they have spent at least 270 days living in Idaho. According to an Idaho Tax Commission representative cited by The Sun, refunds began to be distributed in September (Marca, 2022).

Idaho residents who submitted banking information while completing their 2021 tax returns and are qualified for the refund will receive this money by direct deposit.

The state has already been disbursing refunds since September, with the goal of completing all payouts by March 2023.The Where’s My Rebate feature is available to any Idaho resident who wants to monitor their rebate. To access this, users need a Social Security number or an individual taxpayer identity number, as well as an Idaho driver’s license number, a state-issued ID number, or a 2021 Idaho income tax return.