One of Two Texas’ Most Wanted Murderer Finally Captured

Matthew Hoy Edgar had been on the run from Texas police for a considerable time when he was finally apprehended on Dec. 29. US Marshall Service was praised for their successful efforts in bringing Edgar into co-study.

He is Alive and Captured

Law enforcement had been seeking Edgar since January 27th, 2022. But given that Edgar has now been located, Texas law enforcement has finally found the tip they were seeking for.

Matthew Edgar, a convicted killer who has been on the run since January of this year, is alive and in custody, according to police. Edgar was apprehended by US Marshal’s Service deputies soon after 8:00 on Thursday night, according to police, a source posted.

Officers reportedly found Edgar smoking a cigarette on the back porch of a house east of Hemphill, not far from his mother’s residence. According to the police, he was brought to Hemphill’s Sabine County Jail immediately.

Many have conjectured over the months that he committed suicide or escaped to Mexico. It turns out, nevertheless, that he was close to the crime scene when the jury returned a guilty verdict. The Texas Department of Public Safety put 26-year-old Edgar on its list of the ten most wanted fugitives in August of this year.

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He Vanished 

While standing trial for the 2020 Halloween murder of Livye Lewis, Matthew Hoy Edgar, 25, disappeared. The trial jury found him guilty of first-degree murder for killing Lewis after he appeared in court for the trial for two days in a Hemphill court in January. He was sentenced to 99 years in prison and a $10,000 fine notwithstanding his absence, and the search was expanded and enlarged.

The Sabine County Sheriff’s Office began a thorough search in the region around Edgar’s grandparents’ house in Hemphill the morning he vanished. Sheriff Tom Maddox of Sabine County has stated that countless leads and sightings have been fruitless after that.