Does the Family Relief Plan Really Offer Sympathy for Working Families?

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is very proud of his Illinois Family Relief Plan which started July 1, 2022. He boasted about financial responsibility and sympathy for working families, but if we take a closer look, the Family Relief Plan means an average family can only save $35.52 a month while inflation eats $90 from the family’s budget.

The family relief plan which started July 1 offered property tax rebates for middle and low-income families as well as minor temporary income tax credits. It also delayed the July gas hike until January. According to records of the St. Louis Fed, inflation eroded the income of Illinois families while the state government enjoyed high tax revenues reaching $57 billion in 2021.

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Pritzker boasted about his administration’s fiscal record and called the package a new and creative way to deliver relief to families. He said that Democrats are balancing the budget and eliminated the bill backlogs and the state is now running a surplus, but his claims are all false since none of those fiscal issues have been fixed.

The average Illinois family of three can save roughly $35.52 monthly, due to the declining state population of 12.67 million. This monthly check would somehow be quickly eaten due to rising inflation which took an additional $90 from every household’s budget in June and is trending upward. If a household is composed of more than three, the estimated monthly saving will surely decrease and if inflation continues, families will not be able to sustain their basic needs.

State Representative Martin McLaughlin said that only government can pat itself on the back for “giving” $35 in “tax relief” to Illinois families that cost them $90. Illinoisans need real relief to recover from record-high inflation and the state’s burdensome taxes. The residents deserve long-term tax solutions.

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Gov Pritzker
Gov. J.B. Pritzker boasted about financial responsibility and sympathy towards working families, but the average family of three can expect to save only $35.52 per month as inflation eats away $90 from that family’s budget. (Photo: Illinois Newsroom)