Authorities believe presence of suspect’s mother throughout questioning influenced suspect to act morally

When Houston police published a dashcam video showing an Uber driver being held at gunpoint, it was horrifying to see.

Authorities Report

Authorities said the driver was lucky that things turned out that way even though he finally managed to escape in his car after refusing to surrender it.

Although the crime occurred on October 18, the wheels of justice have only lately begun to spin. Two persons were reportedly detained in connection with the incident, according to Houston police. Detectives said a tip led them to Martin Brooks and a juvenile.

Police said that Brooks, 18, was questioned by detectives at his residence. At the moment, his mother was present.

“The interview was taped. He at first denied having any participation, according to HPD Robbery Detective Jhyarde Nickerson.

Nickerson then gave them access to the dashcam footage.

As we discussed the matter, Nickerson remarked, “I’m sure the chip on his shoulder from his mom being there wasn’t any help.”

Mother’s Presence

Brooks’ mother’s presence, according to Nickerson, may have persuaded Brooks “to do the right thing (and) acknowledge to his wrongdoing.”

Nickerson kept his word and let Brooks go after the interview. He proceeded to lodge a complaint of deadly weapon aggravated robbery. When he received the warrant, he intended to arrest the teen, but Harris County Precinct 4 constable officers ultimately picked him up before he could. Officials claim that Brooks was detained for unlawful use of a vehicle and eluding arrest in a separate instance.

Police said they also arrested the shooter, a minor shown in the video, on an unrelated allegation. The detectives claimed to possess the weapon used in the crime. It was a genuine gun, according to Nickerson.

Uber has been contacted by Houston Police Department detectives requesting the release of the ride’s subscriber data. They want it to support their argument. According to Nickerson, it was a tip from the public that really got the investigation moving.

We truly appreciate it when the neighborhood gets involved in putting these criminals in jail and getting them off the streets, the man stated.

Other Reports

The males who attempted to steal a rideshare driver’s car in southwest Houston are being sought by the HPD’s robbery section.

On October 18, the victim picked up the two men from a dining establishment in the 7600 block of Westheimer. In the ridesharing app, one of them listed himself as “MJ.”

They switched their drop-off site to an apartment building at 2929 Dunvale after they boarded his car. Things started to go wrong there.

The driver is repeatedly told to get out of the car by both guys, who can be seen aiming their firearms at him on the vehicle’s camera.

The second man said, “I’m going to murder you, Get the f—- outta the car, get the f—- outta the car!”

The first guy got out and opened the driver’s side door and grabbed the driver’s cellphone. During the struggle, he fell to the ground.

The second man was still in the vehicle, yelling and pointing a pistol at the driver’s head when the driver stepped on the throttle.

According to HPD Robbery Detective Jharyde Nickerson, “He was quite brazen and very violent.”

The thief finally got up and leapt out of the moving car after the victim repeatedly begged him to stop and sounded the horn.

The victim sped off and dialed 911.