Man gets prison term for shooting, killing adolescent in road rage as family leaves Astros game

After killing a teenager in a road rage incident while the teen’s family was leaving an Astros game in 2021, a Houston resident was given a jail term.

Incident Report

On Monday, Gerald W. Williams, 35, admitted guilt to the crime of murder and was given a 30-year jail term in Houston, according to KPRC, a sister station of KSAT.

According to the authorities, Williams shot David Castro, 17, in the head on July 6, 2021, in front of the teen’s father and brother.

When he got stopped in traffic after leaving the game, Williams was allegedly driving his Buick recklessly and dodging other cars. Williams attempted to move into his lane as David Castro’s dad, Paul Castro, made a hand motion.

Williams was allowed to enter the line, according to Paul Castro, who earlier told KPRC that he did, but Williams followed the family for a distance.

David, my son, was feeling a bit uneasy. I said, “I know. And I said, ‘We are going to travel a different path.'” He added, “There’s that man. “I sped up and started merging through traffic,” the driver said.

Williams finally opened fire on their truck with several bullets.

Castro told KPRC, “I heard ‘pop, pop,’ and then I assumed he missed. “I turn around and see Luke, and I ask him if he’s okay. I discovered my second son had been struck when he was in the rear seat.”

David Castro was put on life support when he was transferred to the hospital, but he passed away two days later.

Williams was sought after by authorities, who he eventually turned over to on August 1, 2021.

Plea Agreement

After the plea agreement was announced, Paul Castro told KPRC, “It’s been 18 months and two weeks.” For the first time, I could breathe a sigh of relief.

Williams’ family was exempt from testifying in court since they entered a guilty plea.

“We’re grateful that it did, as it allowed us to avoid having to come up and relive the entire incident. We obviously didn’t want to be forced to send my other kid, who could have had to testify, he added.

Williams received a 13-year jail term after being found guilty of felony aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon in 2008. He received a parole release in February 2020.

Other Reports

According to San Antonio police, a suspect was detained a month after a man was beaten and robbed on the Northwest Side.

The booking records stated 31-year-old Baldemar Dillon Valdez is accused of aggravated robbery in connection with the crime that took place on December 4 at an apartment building in the 200 block of West. Near Bandera Road, on Broadview Drive.

The 71-year-old male victim drove Valdez to a Jack in the Box restaurant in the Medical Center before taking her to the Broadview apartment building, according to the police.

According to an arrest warrant document, after arriving at the complex, Valdez demanded the victim’s money and bag and beat him repeatedly.

The man was struck in the face, head, and ribs, which required medical attention.

According to the police, the suspect escaped with the man’s jewelry-filled backpack.

A warrant for the suspect’s arrest was issued on December 19 as a result of the investigation and the victim’s partial identification of the offender.