Texas witnesses highly increasing rates of respiratory disease according to CDC data

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Texas is among the many states with high respiratory ailment reports.

The information is based on reports to ILINet, the CDC’s Outpatient Influenza-Like Illness Surveillance Network, of outpatient visits for respiratory illnesses that include fever and a cough or sore throat.

According to CDC data, Texas is witnessing very increased rates of respiratory disease 
Respiratory viruses have been in the news a lot this year, not just now.

Doctors in San Antonio issued a public health alert in September concerning an increase in respiratory viruses, including the flu, the common cold, and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

A month later, an increase in illnesses was posing a threat to the number of patient beds at hospitals.

RSV, Flu A, and rhinovirus/enterovirus were among the many viruses that doctors reported seeing high rates of in November, according to University Health’s Dr. Mandie Tibball Svatek.

This season has seen a sharp increase in outpatient visits for respiratory illnesses, according to historical data from ILINet.

The number of respiratory illnesses is currently at its peak in Texas, along with New Mexico, California, Washington, New York, Colorado, and several other states.