Maryland killer arrested: Police find decomposing remains of pregnant woman in apartment

Maryland police investigated the case of the murder of the gas station worker, Ayalew Wondimu last Thursday. Officials accused Torrey Moore of the murder and arrested him. However, while investigating, another dead body was discovered in Moore’s house.

It was a woman who was pregnant. The body started decomposing. Police suspected a love angle between the killer and the victim. Moore has been taken into custody.

Maryland Police Discover Gruesome Case

Police searched Torrey Moore’s apartment leading to the investigation of another murder case. Moore has been arrested for an alleged murder at the Montgomery County Shell station in the broad daylight. He shot the victim to death after a rough argument between the two.

As per the sources, while looking for evidence in the apartment of the suspect, police found another dead body of a woman that started to decompose. The autopsy report of the woman revealed that she was pregnant. In his confession, Moore told that he was in a relationship with the woman.

They were in a live-in relationship and the woman was pregnant. The two fought severely about a month back, leading the suspect to kill the victim. He didn’t throw the body away and kept it in the apartment.

For what Maryland police searched Moore’s apartment?

Credit- Gaithersburg

Police took Moore into custody for shooting a 61-year-old gas station clerk named Ayalew Wondimu to death at Shell station, at 11150 New Hampshire Ave last Thursday at around 3 p.m. The incident took place after a heated argument. Moore was arrested based on the suspicion police got after analyzing the surveillance camera footage at the gas station.

The 31-year-old Torrey Moore has been booked with the allegations of possession of a firearm and first-degree murder of Wondimu by the Maryland Police Department. Further charges can be assumed about the death of the pregnant woman once her identity is discovered.

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