Herschel Walker Faces Voter Fraud Charges over Texas Tax Credit

Republican United States Senate candidate Herschel Walker was accused of committing a felony by voting in Georgia elections while claiming a homestead exemption for a house he owns in Texas. This is according to a complaint submitted to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the state attorney general on Sunday.

Voter Fraud Charges over Texas Tax Credit

On the complaint, which was written by Georgia resident Ann Gregory Roberts, anyone who votes or registers to vote while knowing they are ineligible to do so is guilty of a felony, according to a report from Newsbreak.

According to Georgia’s voting laws, Walker may not have been a Georgia resident at the time of his registration and voting.

The contest between Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat running for re-election, ends on December 6. 

The contest’s early voting participation has broken records, and a victory by the Democrat may give his party a 51-49 Senate majority.

Walker, a former football star who entered the Senate race at former President Donald Trump’s suggestion, has been accused of funding abortions for women he impregnated throughout the campaign. 

According to the most recent accusation against him, he will allegedly be eligible for a $1,500 tax credit for 2022 on a Texas house designated as his principal residence.

Tax Exemption

CNN was the first to report that Walker would be entitled to a $1,500 homestead tax exemption for his $4 million Westlake, a suburb of Dallas. 

He has been granted the exemption because of Tarrant County’s tax appraisal office since 2012. Aside from running for the Georgia Senate, Walker claimed the homestead tax exemption in 2021 and 2022, according to public tax records.

When a homeowner moves out of state, the legislation states that “if you do not establish a main residence elsewhere, you intend to return to the house, and you are away for less than two years,” you may still be eligible for the exemption.

The dwelling must be used as the property owner’s primary residence at the start of the tax year.

Under the Law

According to Georgian law, a voter who qualifies for a homestead tax exemption must register to vote at the address where the homeowner receives the exemption.

A candidate for office in the United States must merely be an “inhabitant” of the state in which they are running, according to the US Constitution.

Election records kept by the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State reveal that on August 17, 2021, Walker registered to vote in Fulton County, Georgia, designating as his primary residence the address of a house owned by his wife, Julie Blanchard, in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.