Near Death Experience for Two Drivers in Texas State Highway Road Mishap

At least two drivers were critical following a reported major road accident on a Texas state highway.

Details of Report

North Montgomery County Fire was called to a reported significant accident on SH 105 East, just east of FM 1485, at around 4:30 p.m., according to Montgomery County Police Reporter. 

When units got on the site, they discovered two critically ill patients who were both confined. 

The victims were able to be extracted by firefighters. The male passenger in the Chevrolet Avalanche, who had a leg injury that caused considerable blood loss and needed a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, was the most seriously injured. 

The Tahoe’s female passenger was in serious but stable condition. DPS dealt with the crash.


Early inquiry revealed that the Tahoe’s female driver had been operating the vehicle recklessly while traveling east on SH 105. 

In the midst of SH 105, she made a turn that seemed to be a u-turn. Without having time to respond, the driver of the Avalanche rammed into the driver’s door of the Tahoe. 

SH 105 was blocked and severely backed up arterial routes for more than an hour.

Road Safety

Pedestrians, bicycles, buses, taxis, and vehicles are all clogging up the roads, according to the first aid for life website. Many individuals have stopped using public transportation after COVID-19. Families are cycling outside in greater numbers. 

Electric vehicles are also growing in popularity at the same time. Every child might not hear them approaching since they are silent. As a result, the roadways are hazardous.

In Great Britain, on average, five people die on the roads daily, and many more have catastrophic injuries.

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