Congress Must Increase Child Tax Credit to Support Families

Political analysts and news broadcasters frequently lament how deeply divided we are. Social media networks provide immediate access to crimes against humanity and the fiercest invective. Numerous truths that individuals in authority have long ignored have come to light throughout recent election cycles.

Warm Welcome Ever

Despite what may appear to be a hostile climate, when I look around, particularly here at home in the Mountain State, I still see my neighbors wave and grin as the kids play with the family next door, and local small business owners welcoming visitors with as warm a welcome as ever.

We must not let go of our morals and feeling of community. Being the auditor of this wonderful state is nothing short of a lifetime honor, and it is our responsibility as elected officials to promote and support strong, successful families. Public policy should be based on our basic values given that the majority of the public discourse is biased against us. This mission’s first phase is to increase the child tax credit.

With the simple yet very effective policy of expanding the child tax credit, which was originally created during the Clinton administration and then perpetuated by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act during the Trump years, Congress has a significant opportunity to revitalize the burdensome tax system.

A no-nonsense, bipartisan proposal like the child tax credit is now a smart move on average, and when geopolitical chaos has threatened global markets and grocery prices have increased 13% here in the United States over the last year alone, the commonsense policy is nothing short of an absolute imperative. This is because inflation and fears of a recession are impacting every family as they try to make ends meet. The advantages generated by this credit will be reduced by thousands of dollars per household over the following tax year if politicians do not act quickly.

Child Tax Credit

Regardless of political persuasion, the child tax credit is one tiny bright spot in the complex labyrinth of taxes that all citizens must navigate. There are numerous requests to streamline and improve the tax law from all political perspectives; this is one obvious beginning.

Senate Republicans this year put out a child tax credit plan that will result in a significant expansion. There are clear ways forward for Congress, and in a post-Roe world, conservatives now have a crucial chance to reassert our unwavering support for prosperous homes wherever feasible by focusing on the importance of hard work and the importance of a married, stable upbringing for children. Expand the child tax credit, Congress.