Have You Received Your Social Security COLA Letter in the Mail? Keep it Together

Social Security recipients are receiving letters with information on the increased COLA payment for 2023. Here are some reasons to monitor it.

Beneficiaries of Social Security should watch out for a certain letter in the mail this month.

Throughout December, the Social Security Administration is mailing letters to recipients including information about the cost of living adjustment that will take effect in January. Keep the letter and make sure you don’t lose it. It may be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as providing evidence of benefit amounts when requesting loans or energy assistance. So, store that letter in a secure location.

The SSA’s letter informs recipients of their new 2023 benefit level, which will rise by 8.7% in January. The first COLA payment will be sent to Supplemental Security Income recipients in December. This check will increase for around 65 million Americans in 2023, according to the SSA.

If your COLA payment is greater or smaller than you anticipated, you can appeal to the Social Security Administration, and your COLA letter or COLA e-mail will serve as a kind of evidence of payment. Check out our guide sheet for understanding your benefits for more information on your Social Security benefits, as well as the date that your December Social Security check is supposed to arrive.

When To Receive COLA Letter?

Throughout December, letters are being mailed out, according to the Social Security Administration. That suggests that your notice could already be here or might already be on its way. You should check your mailbox every day until it arrives, as advised.

If you have not received it, kindly do not call the Social Security office. The SSA urges you to wait until January to get in touch with it about the notification.

New Benefits Amount Online

It varies. You should be able to see your statement in the Messages Center if you have an online My Social Security account by November 15th. You will have to wait for the letter to arrive if not.