California Man Shoots Ex-Girlfriend Sister Dead, Commits Suicide Says Police

Fresno County, California; the victim identified as Ta-Sheng Ly, 28, was shot dead by the accused in a

murder-suicide case; reported Meaww.

As shown by authorities, the victim had been struck by her sister’s boyfriend, Kou Vue, once he successfully convinced them to pull over the vehicle driving along Highway 41.

It was at this instant that Vue drew a gun and fired multiple shots, striking Sheng Ly, who was declared dead at a hospital afterward, according to the California Highway Patrol and Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

Situation of the case

Sources mentioned the statement of officials that got to the scene at about 10:05 pm that was made by the victim’s 25-year-old sister, who at that time was in the backseat. Called 911 and told the reporter how her sister was shot by the suspect and was not conscious, noted Yahoo.

During the call, the sister gave a detailed description of the car driven by Vue, and he was escaping from the shooting.

As said by officials, they managed to track down Vue’s car when it was heading north on State Route 99 only an hour after the killing.

The gunman thereupon got out of the vehicle and killed himself, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A statement by the department remarked it was late revealed that the man had inflicted the injuries.

Police believe the fatal incident stemmed from a previous domestic violence incident.

According to the records that show Vue was in Fresno County Jail last July 8 with a count of assaulting with a deadly weapon, and child endangerment. Other charges are for domestic violence said an outlet.

the man’s bail was set at $45,000 and was released on July 12 when he was placed under a probation supervision agreement, noted the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.