35-Year-Old New York City Man Caught Driving Murdered Doctor’s Mercedes

NYC Man Caught Driving Slain Doctor’s Mercedes and Went on a Slashing Spree

At a news conference last Monday, The New York City Police Chief Detective James Essig provided additional details about the string of crimes. 30th District Officers on Saturday, December 24th at approximately 9:00 am: 4 p.m., He in the Bronx held a curfew for stolen vehicles at 166th Street and Jerome He Avenue, the chief said.

“In this car was a man who was wanted for murder and multiple assaults,” Essig said. “Further investigation revealed that this individual was involved in a violent murder that began on December 19th and ended on December 23rd. nonfatal stabbing attacks, and one bat attack, all in Lower Manhattan, the East Side, and Spanish Harlem.”

According to a published post by Law and Crime, the first incident allegedly occurred around 1 a.m. on December 19 in front of a building in the East Village area at 214 Avenue A between 13th and 14th streets. According to Essig, the male victim was found to have “his 10-inch laceration on the neck.”

35-Year-Old New York City Man Caught Driving Murdered Doctor's Mercedes
A 35-year-old New York man with a lengthy rap sheet has been arrested after he allegedly went on a violent crime spree last week that left at least two men dead. (Photo: Law And Crime)

A Lengthy Rap Sheet Followed by a Week-Long Filled with Violent Crime

The victim exited a nearby bar and was heading south on Avenue A when a man approached him and argued for about 20 seconds, according to video obtained by investigators. A male attacker is then seen pulling out a knife and decapitating the victim.

The 51-year-old victim, whose name has not been released, died of lacerations at Bellevue Hospital. Essig said video footage of the incident showed the perpetrator was with a woman at the time of the incident.

She later turns out to be Codrington’s girlfriend. She was never charged with a criminal offence. The second incident occurred around 11:00 am. December 30, 3:30 pm at Teddy’s Bar at 2171 Second Avenue in Harlem.

Codrington allegedly entered the bar with a pitbull and a baseball bat. “He went behind the bar where he attacked the bartender and destroyed property,” uttered by Essig. “Two customers entered and were stabbed with a large knife held by a man. All suffered non-life-threatening injuries.”