$500 Monthly Checks Will Be Sent To Residents in St. Louis

$500 Monthly Checks for St. Louis Residents

Mayor Tishaura Jones launched the Working Families Act on Dec. 28 to invest in public safety by supporting children in public schools and their families, expanding access to health care for residents, and creating new opportunities for young people.

According to a published post by The US Sun, the city will use $52 million in federal American Rescue Planning Act (ARPA) funds to support the program. The mayor’s communications director, Nick Desideri, told The Sun that there is no clear timeline for implementation.

“We are working on best practices from other cities with pilot programs and will try to make every application process fair,” added Desideri. Families can spend money on whatever they choose, but the aid will likely help those who were struggling during the pandemic.

$500 Monthly Checks Will Be Sent To Residents in St. Louis
Hundreds of St. Louis residents are now able to score $500 checks thanks to a new guaranteed basic income program. (Photo: The US Sun)

St. Louis Residents to Receive Monthly Checks

Mayor Tishaura Jones said: Lewis is back on the map, joining his 20+ cities across the country to pilot his innovative, visionary, and guaranteed basic income program for urban school children and their families.”

“From providing better opportunities for young people to expanding access to health care, this law is a direct investment in our communities that are still struggling to get back on their feet,” she added.

The Chelsea Eats program aims to provide $200-$400 in assistance to people suffering from food insecurity in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Additionally, the UBI program is helping to boost energy costs this winter.

The second round of the program will begin in the second week of December and will end with the receipt of applications at noon on January 6th. Selected applicants will receive a card based on household size that can be used to purchase groceries and pay utility bills.