11 Year-Old California Child Dies in the Hands of Grandfather and Foster Mother

An 11-year-old girl named Aarabella McCormack died in August in San Diego, California. Her maternal grandfather and foster mother were accused of torturing the youngster to death. She suffered child abuse and weighed 48 pounds at the time of her death.

How the California child died

Aarabella McCormack and her two sisters were put in the foster house of Leticia and Brian McCormack in 2017. After two years, in 2019, the couple officially adopted them. They were also accompanied by Aarabella’s maternal grandparents- Stanley Tom, who is 75 years old, and Adella Tom, who is 70. The family stayed in San Diego, California.

In August 2022, Aarabella McCormack died and was malnourished during the time of death. She was immediately taken to the hospital after collapsing. The youngster had several bruise marks on her body that reflected that she suffered immense torture. Furthermore, she was healing from 15 bone fractures.

As per People, the 11-year-old girl was abused and tortured to death. She weighed 48 Lbs at the time of death which is not enough for a girl of her age.

Brian McCormack shot himself when the youngster died. Leticia and Aarabella’s grandparents were taken into custody afterward. The investigation has also shown that the other two sisters were malnourished and are child abuse victims. The accused people are charged with torturing and the death of Aarabella.

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What the authorities state on the death of Aarabella

Meredith Pro, Deputy District Attorney of El Cajon Superior Court, California has stated that Aarabella wasn’t given food and water for a longer time; moreover, her bones were sticking out of her body.

Leticia McCormack was the chief culprit who made other family members abuse and torture the kids. On the other hand, Brian had remorse for Aarabella’s condition and believed that she would die starving, Pro added.

Randy Wagner, the public attorney, Adella Tom, tried to prove her innocence in the case by highlighting her age and inability to drive for the last two years. Meanwhile, Leticia’s defense lawyer, Gregory Garrison, stressed her no involvement in any case previously and no arrest history while pleading her bail.

However, both were denied bail by Judge Kathleen Lewis.