Mother Confesses to Killing One of Her Twin Daughters, Setting Their House on Fire

A mother has been accused of killing her daughter and setting their apartment in Georgia on catastrophic fire on the 23rd of November. She confessed to her crimes on Monday and has been imprisoned.

Mother Kills Daughter in New York

Police received the information of a fire in the Polaris East Point Apartments also known as Brookfield Apartments in Washington Road, Georgia a day before Thanksgiving. It was learned that the apartment belongs to Nicole Ashley Jackson who stays with her 4-year-old twin daughters. The firefighters reached the location and started to evacuate people from the area as stated by Law and Crime.


Corey Thornton, East Point Fire Chief has remarked that the firefighters reached the scene following a phone call to 911 revealing heavy smoke and fire could be traced at an apartment. The firefighters heard about the residents of the apartment and shifted to search and rescue mode.

While searching inside the flat, rescuers found a child in the bedroom, she was already dead. There was a probability of another sufferer of the fire inside the apartment however, the officials didn’t locate anybody else there.

The evidence from the situation directed to an intentional fire setting as per Thornton. The twin sister of the deceased kid was found with a neighbor afterward and was provided immediate medical felicities however, their mother, Jackson wasn’t located at the earliest.

Neighbors Speak Out About the Case

The neighbors reported the fire to the police. Ricardo Tolbert, a resident of the Polaris East Point Apartments stated that while observing the fire, he broke the glass of the apartment and entered inside. He then pulled the twin four-year-old out.

She had burning wounds on his body and was instantly taken to the hospital. While accusing the mother of the twins, another neighbor said that Jackson was acting indifferent for the past few weeks. Some mentioned her abnormality.

After a day the incident, Jackson was located and taken into custody. However, she confessed her deeds on Monday. While asking about saving the kids she stated that one of the twins was dead beforehand. The other twin is under the speculation of her grandmother.

The fire became devastating happening amidst the festive season. Many of the residents of the building had to evacuate for safety purposes.

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