List of Hotstar Horror Movies To Stream All Over Night

Are you looking for a good scare? Check out Hotstar’s list of the top 11 horror movies! We have something for everyone, from spine-tingling ghost stories to blood-curdling slasher flicks. So get comfortable on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and prepare to be terrified! This is a list of the best horror movies available on Disney+ Hotstar. We will do our best to ensure that you comprehend this list of the Best Horror Movies on Disney+ Hotstar. As a result, with quick Facts on Disney+ Hotstar Horror Movies, When evaluating the quality of Disney+ Hotstar’s available content, it is clear that their horror library is the right mix.

Return to Oz:

Return to Oz
It was pretty distressing. In Walter Murch’s sequel to the world’s favorite film—mostly an adaptation of Baum’s Fairuza Balk takes over for Judy Garland as Kansas child Dorothy Gale, who seeks to topple his evil kingdom with the help of her allies Tiki’s-Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead, and Princess Ozma. Return to Oz pales in comparison to MGM’s classic original. Still, it’s a terrifying, surprisingly depressing, and frequently startling aberration, complete with a hallway full of decapitated heads and the potential of electroshock therapy.

Don’t Look Under the Bed:

Don't Look Under the Bed
Although not a masterpiece like Snow White or Pinocchio, this Disney Channel original film is notorious and primarily regarded as the scariest DCOM of all time, some concerned parents even asked Disney to stop airing it entirely. The story is a mixed bag with a few surprises: Erin Chambers plays Frances Bacon, a young girl who sees an imaginary playmate named Larry Houdini and, later, the boogeyman. Kenneth Johnson understands and enjoys the genre. He injects a surprising aesthetic for a family film with shadows, a soundtrack, and camerawork.

No Exit:

No Exit
Darby, a woman on her way to an emergency, is played by Havana Rose Liu (“Mayday”) in her feature film debut. She is stranded by a blizzard and forced to seek refuge at a highway rest stop with a group of strangers. When she discovers a kidnapped girl in a van in the parking lot, she embarks on a life-or-death quest to find out who abducted her. No Exit is not a particularly frightening film, but it may be thrilling enough for those searching for a good time.

Nightmare Alley:

Nightmare Alley
After his life falls apart, a man named Stanwyck finds himself working as a carny in Nightmare Alley. Stanwyck encounters Zeena, a woman who teaches him about the dark secrets of the carnival business while working at the carnival. Stanwyck eventually joins forces with Zeena, and the two trick people out of their money. Nightmare Alley is a twisted and frightening film not for the faint of heart. It takes some while, but if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with a great movie. Nightmare Alley is a stylish film that moves at a snail’s pace. The ending is compelling, but you must make it through to the finish to see it.


Antlers is a horror film set in a small Oregon village. The plot revolves around Peter, a high school teacher who falls enamored with one of his students, Diana. Diana is a peculiar girl who appears to be hiding something, and Peter believes she is harboring a horrible secret. Peter is put in jeopardy by Diana’s dark history as he attempts to learn her secret. Antlers can be heavy-handed, and it’s not frightening, but if you allow this slow-burning drama time to work, it’ll grip you.

These unexpectedly intense horror films remind us that anything is possible with little imagination and effort. We’ve been watching Disney+ and reminded of how gloomy it can be. That’s one of the reasons they made such an impression. After all, most young people enjoy being afraid, within reason. We’ve gathered some of the essentials, as well as some items you probably never heard of, for a list of the films on Hotstar’s streaming service, which are at your fingertips and waiting to be found, thanks to your Disney+ subscription.