Scariest and Creepiest Manga to Fill Your Bedtime

Do you enjoy reading manga before bedtime? You know, something to help you have beautiful dreams and sleep peacefully. Yes, I wouldn’t recommend reading these terrifying manga late at night. I warn you: they are the scariest manga! When you close your eyes, you’ll see images that will make you want to open them immediately. But if you’re daring and enjoy a good horror thriller, stay reading! Of all, every reader has different phobias, so I might find something extremely frightening while you do not. And that’s perfectly fine!

Helter Skelter:

Helter Skelter
Fashion Unfriendly, which chronicles the emotional and physical demise of world-renowned model Lilico, provides a terrifying glimpse at potential hazards within the fashion industry. Notably, Lilico’s fixation with her age and loss of relevance in a competitive field drives her to have experimental surgery, which begins to corrode her body. Furthermore, in her continual quest for superiority over others, she manipulates her assistant into committing violent crimes against her rival. The grim portrait of the fashion industry, complemented by the agonizing downward spiral of the charismatic Lilico, acquired a committed fan base when it was released in 1996 and translated into English by Vertical Press.

The Drifting Classroom Is Full Of Frightening Freaks:

The Drifting Classroom Is Full Of Frightening Freaks
Junji Ito has undoubtedly become one of the host renowned figures in the horror genre, with a flood of terrific stories to keep readers awake at night. Many other artists share the same love and passion for the genre as long-time horror manga fans. Kazuo Umezu is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the horror manga community. The Classroom has become his famous and well-liked work. The claustrophobic scenario enhances Umezu’s trademark painting style, making it a favorite among horror enthusiasts.

I Am Hero Dives Into A Zombie Apocalypse:

I Am Hero Dives Into A Zombie Apocalypse
Horror manga and anime fans enjoy a good zombie apocalypse narrative, and Kengo Hanazawa’s I am Hero is the most acclaimed series featuring hordes of the undead. The series, which matched a struggling manga writer against swarms of zombies, was published by Dark Horse Comics and became a cult hit in the United States. Taking a more colorful and action-packed approach to the zombie uprising, I Am Hero takes a more delicate approach, relying on the heroes’ courage and internal problems in attempting to become a “hero” within a wrecked world.

Franken Fran:

Franken Fran
Franken Fran may be the oddest entry on this list, which tells the story of the titular character and her bizarre exploits. The series, with Fran as the driving force, combines horror, comedy, and gross-out scenarios, augmented by a cast of misfits revolving around the titular character. The series can sometimes be challenging to follow due to the multiple intertwined narratives that revolve around a group of monsters created through scientific experimentation. However, the series’ unconventional approach to horror and comedy has earned it a bevy of devoted followers.


When we think of psychic abilities in comics and manga, we frequently believe in high-octane series like Mob Psycho 100, which feature strong protagonists. However, one series captured inner upheaval caused by an experimental trepanning operation and converted it into a nightmare voyage of a split self. The horror of Homonculus is mainly driven by the protagonist’s strange perceptions of everyone he meets, with their insecurities emerging as creatures reflecting their problems. As a result, when he exorcises someone’s demons, those distortions become a part of him.

What characteristics distinguish an excellent horror story? Is it the psychologically upsetting effects of horrific body parts and haunted mansions? The hopelessness we want to see depicted by the story’s characters? Or the disturbing and suspenseful atmosphere generated by the tale and pictures causes you to look over your shoulder a few times? A good horror story frightens and disturbs, it is frightening and inspires fear, but most importantly, it intrigues us by eliciting instinctual responses in us. I hope these horror manga recommendations will pique your interest. They cover a wide range of terror themes, from the occult to psychothrillers, supernatural manifestations, and naturally disturbed psychologies.