Street Dance Girls Fighter: The street girl fighters are back to Give it their All on the Dance Floor

Mnet was responsible for producing South Korea’s first all-female dance crew competition called “Street Woman Fighter” (sometimes abbreviated as “SWF”). The channel is well-known for its many K-pop survival programs, such as “Girls Planet 999” and “Produce 101,” which have been responsible for the formation of numerous K-pop groups. They have also hosted several contests for musicians working in various industries, such as “Show Me the Money” and “High School Rapper” for the K-Hip Hop business. On the other hand, no programs were available for dancers, who are an essential part of the massive K-pop business. However, we now have two shows, the most recent of which is “Street Dance Girls Fighter.”

The fact that Mnet was finally able to provide dancers and dance fans with a national stage with the show ‘Street Woman Fighter’ were greatly appreciated by both groups. As a result of its enormous success and widespread appeal, several ideas for spin-offs and sequels have been floated. According to the producers, they are considering making a male version of the show, complete with male dance squads. However, before that takes place, we already have a date set for “Street Dance Girls Fighter,” which is a dance competition for groups of teenage girls who perform together as a dance crew. And the judges for “Street Woman Fighter” are none other than the furious competitors in the competition. So, here is all we know about the second part of the story.

Who was victorious in the Street Girl Fighter competition?

Street Girl Fighter winner

Turns, a five-member dance team, was crowned the ultimate champion of Mnet’s “Street Dance Girls Fighter” dance competition on Tuesday, taking home the top honor and 10 million won ($8,350) in prize money. Turns won the match.
During Mnet’s most recent dance competition, “Street Girl Fighter,” high school students from South Korea wowed audiences both within and outside the country with their jaw-dropping dance performances and their high levels of enthusiasm. Turns, out of the 40 contestants, was awarded first place after stunning the panel of judges and the audience with their impressive expertise and creative ability.

Turns was able to take the spotlight after earning the highest scores from live voting by fans, previous scores, and the judges’ average scores in the first and second rounds of the final day’s competition. While six other finalists delivered their final performances earlier this month, Turns was the one who emerged victorious. For many observers, the outcome left “no space for quarrel.” There were even many who predicted the team would win right from the start of the show.

What are some things that we know about Turns, the champion of Street Girl Fighter?

Street Girl Fighter turns champions

The competition impeded the team from taking a step ahead and expanding their scope to include the larger dance scene. Turns members Kim Chae-won, Kim Na-Hyun, and Park Nan-Ju, all of whom are 17 years old, have decided to set a goal for themselves to acquire more skills before they reach their 20s. Meanwhile, Jo and Song are working on expanding their business internationally.

In addition to achieving their objectives, the group’s ultimate aim is to become a well-respected dance crew that persistently pushes itself to improve with each passing performance. Turns is planning for a combined concert with YGX to come closer to their common objective and express gratitude to their audience. The five-member crew of street girl fighter suggested that the performance would occur in December.

What do the fans have to say about the decision of the Judges in Street Girl Fighter?

decision of the Judges in Street Girl FighterThe “Street Woman Fighter” idol judges came under fire from a sizeable number of viewers who felt that their decision was biased and that they lacked knowledge of the various styles of dance in which the competing crews specialized. These viewers thought that the judges should have been more aware of these aspects of the competition.

These impressions may change as a result of the recent announcement made by Mnet about the dance experts who will participate in their next survival show. During the competition, these well-respected dancers will act not only as mentors but also as judges. The individuals that comprise the masters’ panel for the “Street Girl Fighter” competition are the same individuals who served in that capacity for the “Street Woman Fighter” competition. These individuals were the crew leaders and members who participated in that competition.