‘Teen Mom 2′: New Season Spoiler: Fans’ Severe Reaction and Feelings For Ashley Jones

“Teen Mom 2” centers on the lives of young mothers and their painful romantic relationships, marriage, motherhood, lack of family support, financial situations, a slur on their characters, and getting or losing their jobs. These days, in “Teen Mom 2”, the story of Ashley Jones, the mother of Holly Isabella, and her ex-boyfriend Bariki Smith, is a hot discussion among the show fans.

Ashley Jones was also part of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” as a substitution for Chelsea DeBoer. The selection of Ashley Jones in “Teen Mom 2” happened as a replacement for Houska.

‘Teen Mom 2’: the story of Ashley Jones

Ashley Jhons stated about the abusive and turbulent relationship between her and the father of her three-year-old baby, Bariki Smith, in the opening years of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.” She accused Bar of domestic abuse and violence.

They both, later on, moved forward. Both got married, but it did not capture on camera. Therefore, it will not be on-air on MTV. Ashley broke this news for the viewers on the premiere of “Teen Mom 2”. After that, Ashley Jones was in hot water over this revelation as to why she got married after having such ups and downs in her abusive relationship.

‘Teen Mom 2′: Ashley Jones’ admirer’s feelings

The reality apart, in “Teen Mom 2”, the wedding will not occur. Moreover, according to Meaww news, the fans of the show and Ashley Jones feel sorry for Ashley because they argue that “she deserves so much better.” That is why they feel for and empathize with Ashley, having a rocky relationship with his fiancé. The latter is neither a fatherly figure nor having concerned if their relationship ended as a complete failure.

‘Teen Mom 2’: when and where to watch

For experiencing the roller coaster of emotions, the viewers can watch the upcoming episodes of “Teen Mom 2” on MTV and ET every Tuesday at 8 pm.