Virginia Beach Neighbor Who Terrorized Black Family Identified, Police Say No Crime 

In Virginia Beach, a black family just moved to their new home, and one of their neighbors is being called a racist. That neighbor has been identified, but police said that the things that the neighbor reportedly does, do not equate to a crime, so they cannot do anything about it.

Information About Racist Neighbor Revealed

The racist neighbor is John Michael Eskildsen, and he is nearly 50 years old. News Talk reported that many social media posts said he is a white man who has lived with his mother for the past 25 years. Many of these posts added that they uncovered the man’s name as they believed the police protected him.


Image Credit: CNN/YouTube screencap

Family Shares What They Go Through

The family that lives near the home of Eskildsen told News Talk that monkey sounds and racist music gets blasted from the neighbor’s home. Eskildsen also reportedly set up multiple surveillance cameras with motion sensors so the music will be played whenever the black family arrives or leaves their home.

News Talk quoted the statement of Jannique Martinez to local news outlet WAVY saying, “Whenever we would step out of our house, the monkey noises would start. And it’s so racist, and it’s disgusting.” She added that her son is so scared of the neighbor.

Chris Evans Shares Video Of Incident

News website CNN posted a video on their Twitter page showing what Eskildsen does to his neighbors. This was re-tweeted by actor Chris Evans.

Virginia Beach Police Can’t Do Anything 

News Talk shared that Virginia Beach Police Department said although they received multiple reports about the incident, they noted that they are powerless to get the neighbor to stop playing the racist music and monkey sounds. In a statement by the police department to CNN, they noted that the City Attorney reviewed the conduct. Still, the latter determined the activity is not criminally actionable despite being appalling.

The Virginia Beach Police Department added in their tweet that they would closely monitor the situation and help the family with the unpleasant situation.