400 HFHS Health Care Workers Quit Jobs Over Vaccine Mandate

Refusing to adhere to a rule that has made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory, as many as 400 health care workers have quit Henry Ford Health Systems. The workers who left their jobs were those who were not willing to adhere to the vaccine mandate.

club937 report has said that the Henry Ford Health Systems (HFHS) management was ready to offer re-employment to the healthcare workers who walked out if they re-apply and on the condition that they would comply with the vaccine rule.

400 Health Care Workers Walk Out of HFHS

As if to make it known that the quitting of 400 healthcare workers is not a big issue, the HFHS added that the workers who left their jobs constituted only one percent of the total 33,000 workforces at the facility. Pointing out that the remaining workforce is 99% vaccinated with at least one or two doses taken, it said that 1 percent, which translates to 1900 workers, have already been allowed medical or religious exemptions with regard to the vaccination mandate.

Looking at the whole issue from the HFHS’s point of view, they cannot be fully blamed for the development. It is to be noted that the government has made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory and is penalizing business establishments with more than 100 employees and healthcare workers that do not comply with the strict vaccination mandate.

This means that HFHS has its own reason to decline requests by its healthcare workers to stay off the vaccine. The establishment does not want to incur the wrath of the government and pay penalties in this regard.

HFHS Lines Up Job Fairs to Offset Worker Loss

HFHS has also set to organize job fairs very soon to fill in the vacancies left by the health care workers who walked out owning to the mandatory vaccination rule. It has said jib fairs would soon be announced to offset worker loss. Recruitments are likely from colleges and out of state too.

Now, that means 400 or more jobs are on offer. Qualified candidates who are not averse to the vaccination rule may refresh their applications.

Vaccination has become imperative in a world that is being clamped down by the coronavirus. Healthcare workers refusing to adhere to the vaccine mandate could not be a perfect thing to be appreciated.