There Is An Increase Of Vaccinated People Being Hospitalized With COVID-19 In Pennsylvania

More people from the vaccinated population in Pennsylvania are getting hospitalized because of COVID-19. Despite the uptick in the cases from the population, most COVID-19 cases in hospitals still come from the unvaccinated population.

Pennsylvania Department Of Health Releases Data 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health released new data showing that the unvaccinated population made up 74 percent of the 4,989 hospitalizations because of COVID-19 in the past month.

Pennsylvania leaders said that the increase in the cases of COVID-19 in the vaccinated population is unexpected. Still, it is expected to see more breakthrough cases from a clinical perspective as more people get vaccinated.

Fox 43 quoted Acting Pennsylvania Physician General Denis Johnson regarding the increase in COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated population, saying, “It is like what we saw with seat belt use years ago. As the number of people wearing seatbelts increased, car accidents involving people wearing seatbelts went up. However, the overall fatality rate from car accidents dropped. Your chances of dying in a car accident drop dramatically if you wear a seatbelt. So too, your chances of dying from COVID-19 drop substantially if you are fully vaccinated.”

In line with this, health officials pointed out that COVID-19 vaccines remain the most effective tool against the disease.

There Is An Increase Of Vaccinated People Being Hospitalized With COVID-19 In Pennsylvania
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Discussion Of Health Officials On Booster Shots 

Health officials in the state also talked about the recent rollout of the booster shots of Pfizer. This is the only approved COVID-19 vaccine booster shot as of the moment. Discussions regarding Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine booster shots are still underway.

Johnson also said that because she knows how COVID-19 vaccines can save lives, she encouraged her family, friends, and other people to get their booster shot as soon as they are eligible.