Powerball Lottery Reaches Record Breaking $670M For Monday’s Drawing

Everybody dreams of winning the lottery. But the $670 Million jackpot prize – sounds insane, right? – could be yours if you buy a lottery ticket this week.

The Powerball pot has now reached a record-breaking $670 million, and it’s just waiting for the lucky winner to claim this huge prize, reports Outsider.com.

The jackpot passed the $620 million mark on Friday and is not among the top ten highest prizes of all time.

Reason Why The Prize Is Increasing Quickly

On Saturday, it reached $635 million and was ranked 6th. After last night’s draw, the pot prize inflated to $670 million when no one claimed the prize.

According to Powerball chairperson May Scheve Reardon, there is a reason why the jackpot prize is increasing so fast.

“When the jackpot reaches this level, we have more players jumping into the game, so we are continuously reviewing ticket sales to provide an up-to-date jackpot estimate,” she said. “We want players to enjoy playing Powerball, and that means playing responsibly.”

Take note, though, if you win after Wednesday’s drawing, don’t expect to receive the $670 million prize since the government, well, has to take its cut. The value once all amounts are subtracted is still at $450 million.

The chances of someone winning the lottery are 1 in 292.2 million.

A Man With A Winning Lottery Ticket Found Dead in Michigan

Just last week, a dead man was found washed up on a local beach. He was carrying a winning lottery ticket of $45,000. The story may sound suspicious, but the autopsy report reveals no signs of foul play.

Last month, the man was 57-year-old Gregory Jarvis, who won the $45,000 while playing “The Jack” at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville, MI. He wasn’t able to get his prize because of social security card issues.

Authorities concluded that Jarvis lost his footing and his head while tying up his boat. He fell into the water and drowned.