Michelle Gamboa’s Miss Latina dream could inspire other women too

Michelle Gamboa is on a mission. A mission that would inspire and spur East Texas women to fight for what they deserve. The first woman to represent the city of Longview at the Miss Texas Latina pageant, Gamboa will compete with others for the Miss Texas Latina title, which has a long history that dates back to 1983.

Miss Texas Latina is the official city preliminary for the state pageant of Miss US Latina. Gamboa says she decided to Texas at the pageant because she wanted to give East Texas Latina women the courage to realize that they are beautiful both on the outside and the inside.

Stating that she had put her dream for many years, Gamboa told KSLA News that she had been lending an ear to the voices that reminded her that she wasn’t good enough and not model skinny or super tall.

With the participation now official, Gamboa is looking at more successes. She has been quoted saying that she wants to see “100 more Miss Longview’s to come, hopefully, some Miss Marshalls, more East Texas women.

Starting today, fans will vote for Gamboa so that she gets the maximum number to ensure a win at the pageant. All that people would have to do is to like the Facebook page and her image soon after it is posted online.

If the votes weigh in well, she would stand a chance to advance into the pageant’s finals and later into the state pageant of Miss US Latina.

Michelle Gamboa’s dream has now become that of all aspiring women of Texas. With her chances of advancing further, it looks like her faith in her own capabilities is working out well. Her possible success would spur her to do more and inspire other women in her region to hope for and fight for more significant victories.