Petition For $2K Fourth Stimulus Check Grows, Senior Citizens Now Also Demanding $1.4K

The petition seeking three million signatures in hopes of the government granting a continuous $2,000 stimulus check recurring until the end of the pandemic is close to reaching the goal as to the number of signatures. Also, a senior citizen advocacy group launched a new petition calling on Congress to deliver a fourth stimulus check of $1,400 just for Social Security recipients.

The senior citizen advocacy group that launched the petition is the nonpartisan Senior Citizens League (TSCL). It is asking Congress for such a fourth round of stimulus checks to assist seniors in coping with the “unprecedented inflationary year.”

TSCL said in its petition that although the Social Security recipients are already receiving benefits from the government department, the soaring inflation has taken a toll on the household finances of retired and disabled recipients. The TSCL further stated that although there is a suggested 6.2 percent increase to the Social Security cost of living in 2022, the $1,400 would still help the recipients now.

The petition calling on Congress for the recurring stimulus checks of $2,000 for U.S. adults and $1,000 for child dependents until the pandemic ends received 116,000 new signatures since last month.  As of writing, the petition already has more than 2,879,200 signatures since being launched in the previous year by a Denver restaurant owner. If it reaches three million signatures, it will become the most signed petition on the platform.

Many Congressional lawmakers have pushed President Joe Biden to approve the monthly stimulus checks. However, the Democratic bill calling for such action did not gain any traction from the Biden administration. It is possible that this will not be supported or approved. Further, only four House Democrats signed the said Democratic bill.


The Biden administration recently signaled that aiding the citizens financially is “not a priority” at the moment. The administration recently advanced a $3.5 trillion budget bill and $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and neither talk about stimulus checks.