Fact Check: Does Your Blood Type Affect Your Risk Of Getting COVID-19?

Tons of contradicting information regarding the link between blood type and risk of acquiring the COVID-19 virus has been circulating and has been debated. The link between the two has been studied and different responses arise from different studies.

One information that has been spreading is that people with Type O blood are immune to the virus.

Is It True?

According to a COVID-19 expert, the answer is no. It isn’t true. People with Type O blood are not immune to the virus and a person’s blood type does not affect his/her risk of getting infected with the virus, 10 WBNS reported.

In research launched to find the real answer to this phenomenon, over 100,000 patients across Utah, Idaho, and Nevada were reviewed and results proved that there is no connection between blood type and COVID-19 risk.

Credits: news-medical.net

The findings, which were published on April 5, were made as a response to contradicting reports about the link between the two from China, Europe, Boston, and New York.

According to Dr. Joe Gastaldo, Ohio Health’s medical director of infectious diseases, you can get infected with the virus regardless of your blood type.

No Link Between Blood Type And COVID-19 Vaccination 

Dr. Gastaldo also stated that irrespective of your blood type, you should get the COVID-19 vaccine. “We’re all going to come in contact with this virus at some time.”

Different studies are being done and outcomes don’t always come out the same. “Those practice guidelines actually look at the collection of publications that come out to give guidance when there are conflicting messages that come out with specific studies,” he said.

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