Texas Entrepreneurs Have A New Product: Wine With No Alcohol

Entrepreneurs from Dallas, Texas, have launched a new line of wines with no alcohol in them. The range is called Starla Wines.

This line was designed for those who cannot or do not want to drink wine with alcohol. The line has three varieties, namely Red Blend, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Rosé. They are available for purchase at StarlaWines.com. Each bottle costs $28, but you can get three for $84.

Starla Wines released a statement saying that they use grapes from California to make these alcohol-free wines, and the production is also in the area. They pointed out that their wines are likewise low carb, low sugar, and low calorie. Their Red Blend and Sparkling Rosé only contain five calories and zero carbs per five-ounce serving.

More on the varieties that Starla Wines offers, Sauvignon Blanc is described as a light and crisp flavor with notes of wild honeysuckle, rosemary, pear, and lemon balm. It is finished with a white peach blossom parfum. It is best paired with pork and green lentils. The Red Blend tastes of sweet dark cherry, blackberry, bergamot, and black pepper. It is excellent with dark chocolate and tapas. Lastly, their Sparkling Rosé is made of strawberry blossom, citrus, lychee, and sweet gardenia. It’s incredible with creamy risotto and French fries.

Credit: trendhunter.com

Founder and CEO of Starla Wines, Dawn Marie, said that they made the alcohol-free line because the alcohol-free market is expected to grow by nearly six percent in the next five years. She added that she wanted to make a line that she would like to drink. She added, “The journey to create the first, premium alcohol removed wine started when I began replacing my beloved wine with better-for-me choices. I was surprised and disappointed with the lackluster set of options on the market. I saw the opportunity to satisfy the demands of the growing set of sober-curious and alcohol-abstaining consumers with an authentic, premium selection of wine.”

To remove alcohol in the wines they created, they worked with a technology group called BevZero. The process starts with fermented wine from the California grapes, and then they use vacuum distillation technology to vaporize and remove the alcohol from the wine.

Although the wines can only be ordered from Starla’s website, they will most likely be available to retailers by fall.