Woman Accused of Murder in Stabbing of 10-Year-Old Sister, According to Deputies

In North Carolina, a woman has been arrested and charged with the murder of her 10-year-old sister, as reported by the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office. The incident unfolded when deputies responded to a missing child report at a residence just outside Enfield. The child was found dead in the backyard, and further investigation revealed multiple stab wounds. Authorities believe the stabbing occurred inside the home before the child’s body was moved outside.

The suspect, 22-year-old Kaneijah Bradley, is the victim’s sibling. Bradley, hailing from Enfield, was taken into custody and is currently held at the Halifax County jail without bond. Her court appearance is scheduled for January 25. The motive behind the stabbing is still under investigation.

This isn’t the first time Bradley has faced charges related to a stabbing. In 2023, she was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on two occasions. Records indicate that Bradley already had pending charges in Halifax County for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend in April 2023.

The previous incident involved Bradley and her boyfriend on Beaverdam Road. She allegedly pulled out a box cutter, injuring him before driving away, leaving him on the roadside. When located by deputies, Bradley still had the box cutter, the stolen car, and blood on her clothing. She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and larceny of a motor vehicle. Bradley was initially placed on a 48-hour domestic violence bond, and her court date for those charges is set for January 29.

In another incident on August 27, Bradley was arrested and charged with simple assault, assault with a deadly weapon against a law enforcement official, and resisting an officer. Her court appearance for these charges is scheduled for February 24. Bradley’s criminal history raises concerns about her involvement in multiple violent incidents.