What is Wendi Campbell Cause of Death? The CEO of the Food Bank of Waterloo Region is No More.

Wendi Campbell, the CEO of the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, apparently passed away at 53. On Monday, January 15, 2024, she died in her Kitchener, Ontario, home. Wendi has been battling an uncommon and deadly form of brain cancer since June 2022.

Wendi Campbell

What is Wendi Campbell Cause of Death?

Wendi Campbell, the former CEO of the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, died at 53. She died on Monday after a lengthy battle with cancer. Wendi has been open about her diagnosis of a golf-ball-sized tumor in her brain, discovered in 2022. She sought medical assistance after experiencing twitches ranging from her feet to her neck for many seconds.

How did Wendi Campbell die?

A CT scan revealed that Wendi Campbell had an aggressive tumor, which specialists recommended removing. She had surgery a week later. However, she did not return to work at the food bank. She declared in December 2023 that she would not return from her medical leave. According to her family’s web obituary, Wendi Campbell died on Monday, January 15, accompanied by her husband and two children. The obituary stated that she had moved on to her next adventure. In her final wishes, Wendi gave back by giving her brain to the Sheila Singh Lab at McMaster University in Hamilton to help progress Glioblastoma research.

Who is Wendi Campbell?

Campbell was a dedicated and forward-thinking leader. She transformed the Food Bank of the Waterloo Region into a shining example of creativity and collaboration. Wendi is originally from Kitchener, Ontario, and graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University. Before joining the Food Bank in 1998, she worked as a marketing manager, consultant, and teacher. Wendi assumed the job of CEO in 2008 and headed the company for 15 years.

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