Potential Value Alert: Your Lincoln Penny Could Fetch $19,000 – Keep an Eye Out for the Specific ‘NH’ Error

A TikTok user and avid coin collector, known as @treasuretown, has dedicated his channel to unraveling the mysteries of rare coins, guiding viewers on what to look for in case they stumble upon one of these valuable treasures.

In a recent video, the TikToker disclosed details about a penny that boasts a staggering value of $19,000 due to a distinctive “NH” error.

The video commenced with the user showcasing a screenshot of the coin, sourced from Heritage Auctions. This unique penny was minted on a 2000 New Hampshire quarter planchet, featuring the engraved year on its front. Notably, an impression of a 2000 penny is also visible on the coin.

The TikToker expressed admiration for the coin’s design, particularly highlighting the resilience of the pattern on its back side. The reverse of the coin displays a mountain, with the inscriptions “New Hampshire” above “United States of America,” and it is denominated as one cent. Additionally, it carries the year and repeats the phrase “E Pluribus Unum” twice. Stars adorn the edges of the coin’s bottom half, adding to its visual appeal.

Despite the coin appearing mostly conventional, the user emphasized the key feature that makes it extraordinary—the imprint of “NH” on the back, a marking absent in ordinary coins. The TikToker provided insights into the coin’s rarity, mentioning that the U.S. Mint tightened its production practices around 2000 and 2002, resulting in fewer coins with such unique characteristics.

Highlighting the potential for increased value over time, the TikToker suggested that rarity tends to elevate as the supply diminishes. This insight could be particularly valuable for those who believe that these coins may appreciate in value.

TikTok has emerged as a popular platform for enthusiasts to share their discoveries of rare coins. A previous report from The U.S. Sun delved into an expert’s analysis of 1950 pennies, which had previously sold for $10,000. The expert advised collectors to be on the lookout for replenishment marks, eyelid errors, and subtle doubled die varieties. Specific attention was drawn to double-printed letters such as “1969-S,” “Liberty,” and “In God We Trust,” recognized as the double die error, particularly in coins dating back to 1969.