How to track my stimulus check by social security number? Find Out Here

Amid economic uncertainty, people eagerly await stimulus payments, which will give much-needed financial respite. Receiving a stimulus cheque can be complex, leaving many wondering, “Where is my stimulus?” This post will walk you through the processes to track your stimulus cheque, especially if it was not received in November.

Where is My Stimulus Check?

The Golden State Stimulus has sparked tremendous interest among Californians. If you are entitled but have not received it, the first step is to look into your payment status. The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) offers an online tool for tracking the Golden State Stimulus. Visit their official website and scroll to the “Check Status” section, where you may enter your information to receive real-time updates. The Internal Revenue Service has an online facility called the “Get My Payment” site, which allows you to track your payment status. You can find out if your payment has been processed, the scheduled date, and whether any issues are delaying delivery by providing your Social Security Number, and mailing address.

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How to track my stimulus check by social security number?

To track your stimulus check, use the IRS’s “Get My Payment” service, available on their official website. This user-friendly application gives you real-time updates on your payment status, including the scheduled delivery date. Prepare to enter your personal information accurately, as discrepancies may cause tracking errors.

When did I get my stimulus check?

The time of stimulus check delivery may vary. The IRS usually issues direct deposits first, followed by paper checks and prepaid debit cards. If your payment status on the “Get My Payment” service shows that your cheque has been mailed, be patient and allow enough time for postal delivery. During peak times, the US Postal Service may face delays. If your stimulus cheque was mailed, delivery times vary depending on your region and postal service efficiency. The IRS suggests waiting at least five days after the anticipated delivery date before taking any further action. If you haven’t received your cheque by now, you can request a payment trace by contacting the IRS directly.