Tracking Your Colorado Tax Refund: A Step-by-Step Approach

While the tax deadline is still a month and a half away, some individuals prefer to file early to expedite their tax refund.

Colorado residents can conveniently monitor the progress of their refund online.

Following a delayed commencement, the Colorado Department of Revenue announced the processing of 2023 tax returns beginning on February 12.

Due to this delay, filers are urged to exercise patience regarding the receipt of their refunds. It may take an additional three to four weeks from the starting date of February 12 before funds appear in filers’ bank accounts.

However, filers need not remain uninformed. The Colorado Department of Revenue offers an online tracking system for refunds.

A step-by-step guide to tracking tax refunds:
1. Visit the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Taxation Division website.
2. Locate the prominent banner titled “Where’s my refund?” and click on the provided link.
3. Navigate through the subsequent pages to access the “Check Refund Status Online” section.
4. Click on “Revenue Online” for detailed information.
5. In the “Refund Resources” box, select “Where’s My Refund for Individuals?”
6. Complete the “Check Refund Status” form by entering your full Social Security number or PIN/letter ID, along with the refund amount.
7. Click “Get My Refund” to proceed.
8. Review the final page displaying the current status of your refund.

Please note that it may take a few days for updated status information to appear. Filers are encouraged to check back regularly to monitor their refund’s progress within the processing system.

It’s essential to remember that the deadline for filing taxes is April 15.