How do I renew my expired license in Sri Lanka? Find out the Details

How to renew a driving license in Sri Lanka is a common issue that most drivers ask their friends, coworkers, or Google. Why is this so? It could be due to the absence of a single institute providing credible public information on the topic.  

How do I renew my expired license in Sri Lanka?

If you live in Sri Lanka, the steps below will explain how to renew your current driver’s license in the simplest and quickest method possible. Following these instructions can save time when renewing your driver’s license in Sri Lanka. Finally, the Department of Motor Traffic (RMV) in Werahara, Sri Lanka, is responsible for restarting your driver’s license.

Step 1: Where to Get the Medical Report?

Before your present driver’s license expires, you must obtain a medical report stating that you can drive again. To do so, you must attend the National Transport Medical Institute (NTMI) in Nugegoda and get a medical report. The process usually takes around two and a half hours on a busy day. Overall, it depends on when you visit NTMI. Bring a valid passport, a clean National Identity Card, and your old driver’s license. If your national ID, driver’s license, or both are lost, produce a police report received within six months. Bring the details of your driver’s license obtained from the Department of Motor Traffic.

Step 2: After you have the medical report

Once you have received your medical report from the National Transport Medical Institute (NTMI), go directly to the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT “RMV”) in Werahara to hand over the documentation. From Nugegoda, travel towards Kohuwela Junction, where the 120 Horana bus stop is near the Kohuwela police station. Take a 120 bus to Werahera.

When will I get my new, updated license?

Priority service: If you have subscribed to the priority service, you will receive your new renewal license on the same day. However, be prepared to spend a long time at RMW. The cafeteria at RMV Werahera provides enough seats for snacks and refreshments. When you hand over your documents at the RMV in Werahera, you will be awarded a temporary license as standard. Your license will be mailed to your home by registered post. Typically, this takes around three months. 

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