How did James Cali Die? Brielle Elementary School Student Committed Suicide.

We are heartbroken to inform you that our friend James Cali has died away. Although we are deeply saddened, let us remember and honor James for the generosity he showed everyone he knew and how he lightened our lives.

How did James Cali Die? 

A seventh-grade student at Brielle Elementary School in Brielle, Monmouth County, New Jersey, passed away this week. James Cali died following complications from a suicide attempt. According to reports, the young kid, who was loved by many, was certified dead following the tragedy, leaving his family in tremendous sadness. James was a wonderful friend with a unique ability to make people happy. He was always courteous and generous, trying to convey that others were important to him. His compassion and loving spirit knew no bounds, and he always made others feel cherished and respected.

Explore Brielle Elementary School:

Brielle Elementary School in Brielle, New Jersey, is a highly regarded public school. It serves approximately 503 kids from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, with each teacher typically overseeing roughly ten students. According to state examinations, about 57% of kids can read well, and 50% excel at maths. The Brielle School District in Monmouth County, New Jersey, serves children from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. During the 2020-21 school year, the district had one school with a student-teacher ratio of approximately 10.1 students per instructor. There were about 512 kids in all and 50.6 classroom teachers. District “GH” is the third-highest socioeconomic factor group among eight groups defined by the New Jersey Department of Education. The Department divides districts statewide into three divisions to compare their demographic features.

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