CCB Payment Dates January 2024: When is it Coming?

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is an economic support program for eligible Canadian families. The primary goal of the CCB is to help families with the costs of raising children. Previously, the CCB was referred to as the Canada Child Tax Benefit. However, the government replaced it with the CCB in 2016. Eligible and registered recipient households receive monthly tax-free payments. In addition, the funds are typically handed to the child’s primary carer. The final CCB payment date in 2024 was October 20. In addition, recipients can use the Government of Canada’s My Account website to monitor the CCB Payment status and dates.

What is CCB 2024?

The CCB is a tax-free monthly sum granted to Canadian families who meet specific standards. The amount that beneficiaries can get is determined by their AFNI, number of eligible children, and marital status. AFNI is the Adjusted Family Net Income shown on the prior year’s tax return. This means the current year’s CCB payments will be determined based on the 2022 tax returns. Additional CCB Eligibility Conditions are available on the Government of Canada’s authorized website. Eligible individuals who match the required criteria can apply as soon as their child is born, they begin to reside with them, they gain custody of a child, or they begin to meet the CCB eligibility requirements.

CCB Payment Dates January 2024: When is it Coming?

When the CRA delivers an excessive payment or overpays the recipients, they usually issue a notice and a remittance voucher. The remittance voucher is attached to inform the beneficiaries of the balance owed. As a result, if a notice of outstanding balance has been delivered, the CRA may withhold all or a portion of future CCB payments, GST/HST credits, and income tax refunds until the owed amount is paid. The CCB Payment Calculator can be used to determine the maximum amount an individual can receive. Applicants must answer a few questions, such as the child’s age, province, AFNI, tax year, marital status, etc.

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